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Track:I Want It All
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Mack 10)
[Warren G]
What's up negros and negrettes?
your boy Warren G
You know what I'm saying?
Chillin' with the home boy Mack 10
And we
gon' lay a lil' sumpin' down for y'all
Let y'all know what time it is
Show you how we
keepin' it real wit' it
You know, cuz this world is built on material thangs
But we ain't
trippin' off that
We want y'all to know this, check it

I want it all;
money, fast cars
Diamond rings, gold chains and champagne
Shit, everydamn thing
I want
it all; houses, expenses
My own business, a truck, hmm, and a couple o' Benz's
I want it
all; brand new socks and drawls
And I'm ballin everytime I stop and talk to y'all
I want it
all, all, all, all
I want it all, all, all, all, all

[Warren G]
They say, 'There go
Warren G with that envious stare'
I love this game too much, I wish these haters wasn't
It's a shame, we came too far to turn back
It's a cold world, it gets so hard, you
learned that
From falling, tryin' to walk from crawl
Tryin' to hustle up from broke to
And, yeah, y'all in effect that's all me
The jiggy G-Z, all my niggas that keep it
real and do it easy
Believe me, young nigga, fat meat is greasy
And shit stank, so if you
plot a lick and hit a bank
And get away, or get gaffled, the very next day
Don't cry, hold
your head up high
And remember what you told yourself, nigga
I said remember what you told
yourself, nigga
I said remember what you told yourself, nigga
I said remember what you told
yourself, nigga


[Mack 10]
I want it all, s
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