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Track:I Shot The Sheriff
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I shot the sheriff

[Verse One:]

I had to shoot the
sheriff it was justifiable
he mistaked me for somebody who was liable
for all tha many
murders l.a and war fields
we keep makin war shields
streets keep souls
young brothers
loose control
I seem to maintain through this
watch where ya kick it they'll put you in a
and it aint nobody like my down ass hommie
and tha police always tryin to pin some
bullshit on me
I keep away from fools
they do crime and it attracts cops
cops got guns
and cuffs
and cells to stuff you in


[Verse Two:]

They tryin'
to stick with some bullshit that I did not do
you know who
the boys in blue
there they
go with they assumpitons
slaverys over let us have somethin'
why you wanna pull me
Cuz I'm bumpin?
I just made a new song
my profession is music
your profession
is protection with gats

then use it on him when he's tryin' to take my life away
just tryin' to live my life today
so I keep away from fools they do crime it attract
cops got guns and cuffs
and cells to stuff you in



I shot the sheriff
I didn't shoot the deputiy I didn't have to
Cuz in this
game they always tryin' to blast you
and leave it to tha cops to find out who did the
they harrase tha wrong clan and arrest tha wrong man
the hommie day-dog got strapped
but thats okay
cuz I'm gonna work for life
so he can see another day
a hommies a
a fake is a snake
straight game from tha pen from tha hommie jake
so I keep away
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