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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. El DeBarge, Val Young)
[Warren G]
I'm the illest, what?
the illest, Warren G, uh yeah
I'm the illest, the illest you've ever seen
Haha check this
shit out do'
Peep game, look, hmm

She used to tell me that she loved me all the
I turned to her, and say that I'm
infatuated, concentrated on cuttin it up
bustin out your blouse, don't button it up
Me and you could make a getaway, up in the
I'm just a squirrel in your world, bustin a nut
Slide in the passenger side and creep to
the tilt
And maybe you could get a chance to sleep on my silk
because you come with, that
A-1 shit
The kind I wouldn't mind havin a 20-year run with
I'm done with these games, played
by these dames
I could exit the drama the same way that I came
Cos I gotta put it down for
my sons
so you, skanless scuds gets none of my funds
Cos I can't be in love with my pockets
on fee
Get the money, the power and the rest come for free, you know

[Chorus: El
DeBarge, (Val Young)]

I let you hang (I let you hang around)
so you could see (so that
you, could see)
You tried to switch (Understand, tryin to switch)
the fool out of me (and
make a fool, of me)
I meant(So I guess I'll have to let you be)
Baby (Baby baby baby baby
you know)

[Warren G]
Now baby, look at the time
We gotta do what we
gotta do
The club's about to close, don't you wanna ride
in a Rolls, Royce? Make it real
Take the Rolls to the jet, take the jet to my yacht
Letcha kick it for a week in my
Carribbean spot
Coconut milk bath (bath), private beach, first class (class)
Water clear
like glass (glass), waves ticklin your
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