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Track:Flow On
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Cedric Ceballos)

Flow, flow on
Flow on, flow
(yeah, straight floatin)
Flow, flow on
Flow on, flow on

[Cedric Ceballos]

Now I told you once before its the mad punk
rough stuff, quick dunk
nigga back the funk up yeah
give a nigga room yeah
give a nigga
throw your hands in the air, westside's in the place
word up, I got the formula, I'm
mixin up the brew
take the 40 to the head now what you gonna do
deuce tre is in effect, like
Keith dont Sweat
dont need to break necks just to gets my respect
I stay smooth, until you
try to get on my rough side
(what side) westside, fool try to take mine
ya start to wonder,
I know your name is Stevie
dont think about it fool, cuz you know you can't see me
23, the
number's on the tip of your tongue
I got ends, and you can't have none
so a, slow ya roll
deuce tre is in control
listen pay attention and do what you are told, as I

[(Chorus) x2]
Flow, flow on
Flow on, flow on
(yeah, float on)
flow on
Flow on, flow on
(yeah, keep floatin)

Tickity tock, dont stop, yeah the
clock is still tickin
ya booty chicken rhymes, mine's a finger lickin
bloodin, crippin, I
hear ya body callin
I caugt it with my bangin cuz my skills are into ballin
(Mary J) ain't
the way for me
I gets high off my jumpers and my dunks you see
so when the fans start to
scream with the ooh and the ahh
I like the bop bop, bop bop baa
(Its like 3 into the 2 and 2
into the 1)
Big balla 23 and my job ain't done
I get started like the hammer, I finish like
when ya think ya heard my best well fool look a
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