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Track:Dollars Make Sense
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Crucial Conflict, Kurupt, Reel Tight)
[Kurupt talking]
don't know nothin about this HEE-ARE
Hahahahahahaha, yeah! It's Kurupt Young Gotti
sup Warren G? It's my homeboy, huh?
With my niggas Crucial Conflict, huh?
Chillin, huh?
Bumpin, puffin on a little bit of that Hay
[TOKE] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Dollars make sense, it's all incorporated
I'ma get it all, since a BG I done did it all,
was in it all
When I first thought I was in the wrong
Couple tokes, alcohol
everything I need, Hennessey and weed
Since my arrival, based on this modern-day
Evrything is technicality, everything based on reality
So how do I get paid, all
these licks nowadays
They want me laid, dropped and plagued, AK mouth is sprayed
It's like
I'm blind, and I just can't see
Warren G, I'ma holler at the homey Shorty B
"Shorty B IT'S
ME!", G Dove, I'm out to make a grip
So call Crucial Conflict and let's make us some bomb

Look at me on the M-I-C
Tryin to stack my tips, comin in a big ole
With all that bumpin side, livin up in your eyes, surprise
Hangin on the corners where
the young brothers be comin up
The gangbangers be gunnin up, the type of brothers that roll with
High tech with much respect, with all that G's swarmin
Like G-Funk in your eyes and make
you see we about that cashflow
Put em in a lasso, don't try to sweat, no joke
We illa your
side, in the back we get hot, trade bump and hit em up
With the jigs up,
freaks from the
West to the east to the South where they chief
Kurupt in the mind, Young Gotti down with the raw
dog Flict
I ain't no tricks, nigga Wild
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