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Track:So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I got my act down got it down tight
Got a feeling tonight'll be a good night
Gonna see a
million girls
Gonna grab one pretty
Take her around the world

Come on and spread
your wings
Come on and let me in
You know it really ain't dirty
And not a sin
have to hold
Love to squeeze
Come on and be my baby
Get down on your knees
Oh yeah,
pretty, Pretty please

Oh, I need your love
I need it bad
Oh, you're about the best
I've ever had
Woah oh oh oh
lets get down to the raw
So damn pretty, should be
against the law

Well I was looking at you
From across the room
Hoping that you
would see me to
After half an hour of nothing to do
My feet were getting cold inside my
It came to me from outta the blue
Come on you gotta grab her
Take her in the
By the light of the moon
Comin' through the window
Woah, I need your love
need it bad
Woah, You're about the best thing I ever had
Woah oh oh oh, yeah

I said
And whores
And a teenage slut
On the bathroom floor
I'm in love, I'm in
love, I'm in love
Oh yeah
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