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Track:War In Heaven
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Album: Rising Out Of The Ashes (2002)

[based on John Milton's PARADISE LOST - 1667]

They rise from this fiery region,
On dragon-like wings, by thousands they've come
to war.
And dark are the Seraphic Legions,
With armor and shield, they raise their flaming
In the name of the Archangel Lucifer
The Legions hath come, to divide and to
Thy kingdom, Thy power, Thy throne,
The Seraphic legions they goe . . .

The celestial armies of heaven,
Descend from the Sovereign's sky forth God's command.
lo, Michael with sword in hand,
He leads the Lordian Guard to slay to damn.
In the name of
the Almighty Father,
The angels hath come to cast out the Legions
Forever, to the infernal
From heaven to hell . . .

On chariots of thunder and lightning,
Lordian Steeds the angels smite their foe.
And the Seraph they fall to destruction,
As the
hounds and the carrion of hell feast on their corpse.
Now lost is the Archangel Lucifer,

Who thought in his mind, he could rise to Empyrean dominion
'Til fate was his foe,
will of God his woe . . .
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