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Track:Enemy Mind
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Album: Rising Out Of The Ashes (2002)

Life, I know it so well
It's sorrow and
tears and death
An abode of hell
My living hell . . .
Tomorrow I fear my breath

Will forever fail

Life, a moment in time
The years of a man they vanish
shades of night
The shades of night . . .
I fear my soul will be banished
To the
realm of sighs

And who will descend to show me the light?
And who will remember me
in my plight?

The sins of the soul will rise
The alien lie is in you
you will fight
The Enemy Mind within you
Lie . . . in the fields where carrion dine

We are the Enemy Mind
We are thee, Enemy Mind
We are thee, Enemy . . . MIND!
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