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Track:Perfect / Infect
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:This concept album tells the fictional story of a man sentenced to death
awaiting his execution
on death row. This is an emotional story of violence
and remorse, apprehension and uncertainty,
hope and desperation,
told from the angle of the murderer. Beyond Recall is not making
political statement for or against capital punishment. It does not deal
with guilt or
innocence, justice or injustice. Futhermore the central
character of this story is a person who
has murdered and consequently
awaits his death. This album describes his hopeless situation
in the governmental legal system - his life torn between hate and hope,
doubt and

It all starts off with the armed robbery of a supermarket
during which the
perpetrator shoots two innocent employees...

There is no way to excuse a murder nor a
chance for compensation.
Beware of what you do. You are responsible!
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