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Track:Damned to Extinction
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Within the stench of the burning air
Comes the conclusion of having gone too far
Fading away
is the concept of terror
To withdraw from the human mind forever

Beyond forgiveness -
reflecting distortion
Absolute silence - no need for remorse
Gathering darkness will shelter
my soul
Returning to origin - man's own black hole

Decades of errors were filled with
selfish torment
Decades of horror as the continents were burning
Insanity is hidden under
above's holy grace
It forces the mighty for the weak ones to trace

All laughter and
sorrow is sure to be vanished
Now there's space after everyone is punished
In my
consciousness deep feelings of shame
Will I take them with me forever to remain?

forgiveness - twisting expulsion
Absolute silence - too late for remorse
Gathering darkness
is spreading out cold
Returning to origin - man's own black hole

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