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Track:Under the Wings of the Cross
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:A whispering wind blows mournful over the scorched plains
Unnoticed by the ignorant masses the
end has begun
Will the praised new leader be as foolish as his precursor
And will he gather
total mischief around him to spread out?

Let this winter of our discontent be
Finish the cruelty and embrace another day
Will we stay or are we condemned to

A long awaited decision is about to be pronounced
Fate has been stressed for an
awful long time
The judge of dusk stays back in preposterous rapture
He nourishes himself
from solitude he likes to share

The whispering wind swells to a grinding roar
For the
final battle they start to prepare
All hopes are torn apart by grim morbidity
The path to
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