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Track:The Shape of the Enemy
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We carry the disguised gift throughout the centuries
Leaving behind a trail of tears and
Through decaying souls that long for flesh and youth
We're bound to stare into the
abyss of our minds

They are imposters for all times
Gone now, amused by our
They were strategic leaders
And I can see their grinning faces

Some fools
they were to charish us with such novelty
Or were they masters of invention, imposters for all
It's too late to lay it down, this instrument of danger
Used in (the) dark ages, can
you hear their distant laughter?

On the turn of another era, will it be our last?
if it's so, you can be sure that they've done their best
Some day the race of leeches will only
be a memory
With all its arrogance, wiped out for good, wouldn't you agree?

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