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Track:The Winter of Our Discontent
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Welcome to the new age of terror
Hatred's here like you've never seen before
The madness has
settled over to stay
What we can't stand, we kill anything that's in our way

defines the existent chaos
Trapped are we with ruthless servants
The image in the mirror is
Watch as life in every form is cheapened

Emotions are frozen in the blink of
an eye
The sky has to burn, I forgot the reason why...
My memories are fading, what started
this insanity?
Walk with me through the forest of morality

We've passed the chapter of
chaos just this second
Silence outside - I'd like to dwell in this moment
When emptiness is
your longtime companion
You lose yourself in everlasting oblivion...

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