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Artist:War Pidgeons
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Track:Chainsaw Mama C 1993
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Drinking Yukon Jack in a Northwestern bar
I noticed her eyes and the size of her scars
got a little closer just to be near
When I hear her scream out for another two

Gathered my courage and told her she was fine
Found she worked with Nature and
I lost my mind
Tree huggers suck but I caught a whiff of gas
She told me her job and
knocked me on my ass

She was a chainsaw mama
Working in the forest green
chainsaw mama
the best woman I've ever seen

What a chainsaw mama
Cutting trees
all day
A chainsaw mama
and she wants my log today

She talked low and hard
about her hearty job
Enough to make enviromentalists sob
Then she grabbed me tight and
told me her desire
For me to take her out and set her woods afire.

We left that bar
headed for the Great North Woods
And in that chilly air she showed me her goods.
better be hot, she had no time for fools
Or she will drop me flat for her power

She's just a chainsaw mama
the kind you'd like to please
A chainsaw
Arms as thick as trees

My lovely chainsaw mama
More than just a
A hearty chainsaw mama
Love her axe swing

Sawdust flew up into the cold
night air
she won three of five falls but she don't fight fair
I pinned her once, but she
flashed me her tattoo
And I lost it when I read "Paul Bunyan was here too!"

you've got the strength and the stamina friend
Come to the Great Northwest where the land just
And find yourself a lucious logging babe
And never ever try to

cause she's a chainsaw mama
don't screw em up pal
Oh lovely chainsaw
Or you'll end up like the spotted owl

Gas powered Chainsaw mama
My heart
and groin both stir
For my chainsaw mama
Whenever she cries "Timber!"

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