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Track:On the Radio
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:well i used to kick the shit out of you until i kicked the shit
delivering punch lines that you
never get
get a grip on yourself before you mess with me
you and me aint the same as we used
to be
condescend me you cheat
it ain't news to me
you and me ain't the same as we used
to be
you never loved me, no
you never loved me, yeah
well time and time again i'm an
animal of discontent
hatred and rage and i never feel the consequence
wrap it up and shove
you say your fed up
yeah well i'm fed up too and i've had enough
try to stab in my
back but you can't hurt me
you and me ain't the same as we used to be
you never loved
you never loved me (2x)
now i know so i won't walk down that same crooked road
your a blackhearted bitch
bet ya never knew
and you never will
i'm a son of a bitch
i'm dressed to kill
i'm lookin for a new thing-acap
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