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Track:Ready to Snap
Date Added:18/10/2007
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peters audio letters believe in what they say
he warned us of the
cosmospheres that wiped the USA
partule beam weapons came bouncing off the moon
of operation
table top, battle of the harvest moon
dr beter, peter beter, dr beter
his claims are even
more amazing than at first appears
the rockefeller murders, assasinations through the
you watch your bruised and battered world in your vacuum jaws
your robotoid president
lost the third world war
many men took part in it, four set the stage
politicians and the
pope, you would be amazed
the rockefeller dynasty, the mid-east oil trick
ft knox gold, all
was stoled, by the bolsheveks
only thirty seconds the message will begin
his information
service of all the world sins
the actor pope conspiracy, can't learn it off the tube
off now, don't be late you've everything to lose
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