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Track:Sold Your Soul for Fame
Date Added:18/10/2007
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people staring at me they can't tell what i am
looking back in anger they
don't know who i am
times, times it just gets too much that i can't take no more
just the
little things in life that throw you on the floor
nothing really matters i don't care if i
they'll take their pills and they'll never question why
gangs come from the shadows and
they look for leadership
talkin' in their greekslang 'cause they know i'm ready to flip
on my way i'm ready to snap
i can't take this i'm ready to snap
i don't need this i'm ready
to snap
living in a rats maze in a high rise concrete cell
gonna do some damage 'cause it's
worth my time in hell
times, times it just gets too much that i can't take no more
fringe dancing and there isn't any door
raving mad, so sad
howling through the
need to sleep, need to eat
don't have time for that
cause i'm ready, yeah i'm
ready to snap
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