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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Music by Lehtinen-Hatakka-Waltari
She's got a sensitive touch
She knows about the life all
too much
She's too soft for this human kind
She wants to scream out her painful
Kill your head! Free your mind!
Kill your head!
They say her lifestyle is not
She should stay cool in room no.1
They say stay free, but in unconcios
That's the easiest way to look the hate
Kill your head! Free your mind!
(and she
belives that she is not real)
Chorus 1:
Let's quit the ball (the right)
Let's quit the
ball (to leave!)
Let's quit the ball (escape!)
Let's quit the ball, quit it all
(She is
thinking and finds herself bleeding apart
She's mad about the life,
but too seriusly she
takes it all
but there should be a way
there's always a way
the sun is today
the sun
is today!!!)
She stands in the doorway with
open hands blood runs warm on the floor where
she stands
She says she can't take it
She has no means
She can't help it, how much she
ever screams
Let's quit the ball (I have)
Let's quit the ball (the right)
Let's quit the
ball (to leave)
Let's quit the ball, quit the ball
Let's quit the ball (but there
Let's quit the ball (a way)
Let's quit the ball (don't quit)
There is still a
world for you
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