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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm tired of all these people, tired of all their lies
As I said before
They caught me
again, 'coz I'm too blind
To see what society is really kind: deaf, dumb, blind
You know,
they told me now it's time to make
Your duty to your fatherland
'Coz we're living in a
"welfare state", we'll gonna
Give you a choice:
You don't have to wear a gun (as long as
it won't cause
too much noise)

Then: They sent me to "Paradise"
They thought I
wouldn't realize
That they just try to spoil us
Then they'd finally get

Ain't got no time to live, ou gotta follow me down
Ain't got no
chance to taste and let the real meanings out
Ain't got no time to live, you gotta follow me
Ain't got no time to waste!

Here I'm just getting crazy
How 'nice' society
can be for me!
They look away my own will
Power vanished in the haze
They try to make
me a reliable member of society
We're just the isolated!

Stuck inside
these four walls
Echoes of those Satan calls
Here I'm going to get crazy
Wasting my
time away


(Here I am, pasted on the wall
Hmm, wall paper music
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