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Artist:Walker Jerry Jeff
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Album:Country Rain
Track:Hill Country Rain
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Sometimes I just wake up hummin'
Feelin' like the world is right
Want to jump right up and
run outside
And take in the morning light
And feel the music running through me
me want to dance
Clap my hands and dance

Sometimes it just takes my lady
smile and make my day complete
And when she's touching me
I feel free and easy to be
Lucky to be alive
Feelin' alright
Take a walk outside

People they tell
me now,
You're living too fast
Slow down now Jerry boy
Take it easy let some of life

But I don't lnow no other way
Got to live it day to day
But if I die
before my time
When I leave I'm leaving nothing behind (X2)

*Cause I got a
Something that I can't explain
It's like dancing naked
In that high hill
country rain

I ain't worried 'bout tomorrow
I'll get by best I can
Lovin' is my
will to live
It makes me laugh
Want to sing and dance
Clap my hands,

Chorus X2
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