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Artist:Walker Clay
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Album:Clay Walker
Track:Where Do I Fit In The Picture
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Well, it looks like you made the front page
You always did look good in white
And I hope
you like the ring of your new name
The one you'll be given tonight

but all of this
is new to me
I wondered why you never called
I guess that's the way it's ment to be

If you're gunna ride, you gotta learn to fall


Where do I
fit in the picture
Or do I really fit at all
Or have I become a fixture
On an old
forgotten wall

Well it looks like I finally made the front page
You know I always
said I would
And things are well here in room 28
God, I hope you're doin' good

There's a picture in my wallet that I look at sometimes
And it sends chills through my
For long lost love or whatever you wanna call it
Whoa, but it left me all alone

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