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Artist:Walker Clay
Taken from the album If I Could Make A Living by Walker Clay
Album:If I Could Make A Living
Track:This Woman And This Man
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Tryin` so hard just to talk to you
Haven`t heard half of what you want me to
Hurt so bad
over where we`ve been
Don`t know how not to go back there again
I know what I wanna
Can I get it through to you now
In some other


There was this woman and there was this man
There was this moment they had a chance to hold on
to what they had
How could they be so in love and still never see
Now nothin` could be
sadder than
This woman and this man

A starnger`s eyes in a lover`s face
See no
signs of a better and place
Have we lost the key to an open door
I feel the need to reach
out to you even more
It`s a circle we`re goin` `round
If we don`t get us out from
It`s gonna take us down....see


For all we`ve got to lose
there`s so much to gain
If we come this far and leave it behind
There`s only you and me to


We can bring it back again
This woman and this man
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