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Artist:Walker Clay
Taken from the album Rumor Has It by Walker Clay
Album:Rumor Has It
Track:Then What
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I got a good friend who's got a good life
He's got two pretty children and a real nice
Yet he never seems quite satisfied
I said I know what's on your mind
But you
better think about it before you cross that line
The grass an't always greener on the other


Then what
What you gonna do
When the new wears off and
the old shines through
It ain't really love and it's ain't really lust
And you ain't
anybody anyone's gonna trust
Then what
Where you gonna turn
When you can't turn back
for the bridges you've burned
And fate can't wait to kick you in the butt
Then what, oh
then what

I ain't sayin' that lookin's a crime
I've done my share from time to
It don't mean that you got to take that leap
When you're standin' on the brink

Before you jump you gotta step back and think
There's a price for every promise you don't

Repeat Chorus


But do what you want do what you
It's your life but remember this
There's bound to be some consequences
sneakin' under, crossin' certain fences

Repeat Chorus
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