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Artist:Walker Clay
Taken from the album Rumor Has It by Walker Clay
Album:Rumor Has It
Track:One, Two, I Love You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Bucky Jones/Ed Hill

Kindergarden five years old,
You and me and mother goose,

Learning lines to nursery rhymes,
That's when I fell in love with you,
Back when it

One, two, buckle my shoe,
Three, four, shut the door,
six, pick up sticks,
Even then my heart was yours.

College days miles apart,
afraid you'd forget,
Writing letters everyday,
And ending everyone like this

One, two, I miss you,
Three, four, I walk the floor,
Five, six, come back
I don't want to miss you no more.

A little girl a little boy,
Playin' on
a swing in the yard,
As we watch I hold your hand,
And you're still holding onto my heart,
and now it's

One, two, I love you,
Three, four, let's have one more,
Five, six,
I wouldn't miss,
A day of this for all the treasure on the ocean floor,
One, two, I love
Three, four, let's shut the door,
Five, six, kiss after kiss,
I can't wait to
hold you once more.
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