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Artist:Walker Clay
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Album:Clay Walker
Track:Next Step In Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Solid gold candle holders
And an old bottle of wine
You let your hair down on your
And you pressed your lips to mine
The rain beat soft against the window
the night turned into dawn
As I looked deep into your eyes
I knew where my heart

I'm ready for the next step in love
Girl, you're all that I
can think of
Isn't my love good enough
I'm ready for the next step in love

Solid white wedding dress
And a long white veil
We put our fears to rest
And we let
this ship set sail
I placed the ring on your finger
Then you looked at me and smiled

Then we sealed our love with one last kiss
And I walked you up the aisle


I'm ready for the next step in love
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