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Artist:Walker Clay
Taken from the album Hypnotize The Moon by Walker Clay
Album:Hypnotize The Moon
Track:Hypnotize The Moon
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:She knew she caught my eye
And that was all it took
Aint it strange how forever
With just one look

The magic filled the night
She touched my soul like
no one else
Yes the way that woman made me feel
Left me talking to myself


You better run for cover,
You better hide your heart
'Cause once you
start to love her
You know you'll never stop
She shines like a diamond
When she
walks into a room
She could charm the stars
Hypnotize the moon

Once I held her
I knew just where I stood
No you never get a second chance
To ever feel so

Then and there I knew
These words were etched in stone
You can't feel the
power of
The greatest love you've known

Repeat Chorus
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