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Artist:Waite John
Taken from the album Essential John Waite by Waite John
Album:Essential John Waite
Track:White Heat
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:She's just a working girl from Baltimore
She'll choose you, she's been there, she's been there
and back again
It's in and out, it's up, it's down, it's a mercenary
And you get what you
need when you walk on the streets of paradise

Invoke in the streets, indecision - yeah
yeah yeah, white heat in fashion

She'll take you home, she'll take you where you wanna
get back to
You're sweet sixteen, but you will be a man tonight
It's to the wall, it's to
the floor, she's in a hurry
But you get what you pay for when you live on the streets of

In heat, invoke, impassioned - yeah yeah yeah, white heat in fashion
cash, indiscrete, wild passion - in heat, invoke, in fashion

White heat, cold passion,
8th Avenue, indecision
In heat, on the street, in fashion - invoke in style
White heat,
cool looks, hard cash, on the street
Invoke in style, indiscretion, in trains, in bars, in

White heat, invoke in fashion, hard cash, indiscrete, wild passion
White heat
in fashion, white heat in fashion
White heat in fashion, white heat, indiscrete,

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