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Artist:Waite John
Taken from the album Essential John Waite by Waite John
Album:Essential John Waite
Track:Run To Mexico
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Come on baby, don't you wanna go? I could take you there
You could get what you want in the
south, you could let down your hair
I said do you, don't you, will you, won't you
won't you please let me know
I ain't talkin' 'bout Chicago, I'm talkin' about

Makin' a run for Mexico, makin' a run for Mexico - could you

Come on
baby, 'cos I got to go, the law is after me
I killed a man in a bar last night, there was no
other way it could be
While the air in this joint could be cut with a knife
As the jukebox
got rocked into lections
Bring a compass and some money for gas, 'cos I ain't gonna stop for
Not to Mexico

Makin' a run to Mexico, makin' a run to Mexico - could


Come on baby, don't you wanna go? I gotta get away
everytime the phone rings, it scares me to death
Saw my face in the paper today
I don't
wanna hear the stories 'bout your mama and papa
No I don't wanna hear you cry
For me
there's no second chance right now, it's the end for me, I can't lie

Makin' a run to
Mexico, makin' a run to Mexico, makin' a run to Mexico
My life goes on in

Mexico, [ in Mexico ] (repeats out)

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