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Artist:Waite John
Taken from the album No Brakes by Waite John
Album:No Brakes
Track:Restless Heart
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Three years come, I'm still alone and you're so lonely
I look in the mirror, I see those lines
on my face
All of my dreams are gone, flyin' with the starlings
But they were not stolen
gems, coloured glass I can't replace

You've got a restless heart, restless
change is blowing through your life
Tears in your eyes, and tears in the books that I've been
I don't understand you now, and I never did
But I still love your restless

Days into nights and nights into days, lights flicker 'round me
And down to
the shore I walk, I'm haunted by your face
Ungracious moves I've made, just like a broken
If I could get you back, they are steps I would retrace

(chorus - with
"...and I never will")


Three years come, you're still alone and I'm so
And I would give anything, to feel my heart beat again
I wouldn't say that I've
been losin' time, I've been dreamin'
And I'd give up anything to keep you as my

(chorus - with "But I love you")

And I know you've got a restless
(Restless heart) I know you've got a restless heart (you)
(Restless heart) I know
You got a restless heart (restless heart), and I know it (you)
You got a restless
heart (restless heart), you got a restless heart (you)
I know it (restless heart), but I'm just
like you (you), just like you

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