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Artist:Waite John
Taken from the album Essential John Waite by Waite John
Album:Essential John Waite
Track:Jesus Are You There
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Give me something I can touch with my hands
Something I can look at and understand
you're up there, no don't look down on me
Do something quick, I can't pay the rent

Do you believe in Jesus, is he there?
Is there a God above and does he really
care? Oh yeah
Jesus are you there, and do you really care?

I don't believe in
nothing no more, can't find the truth, I just need to score
Don't give me Hare Chrishna, keep
it to yourself man, stand back, get back


Take me on a cruise around
the world, give me a break, bring me a girl
Getting crazy 'bout WorldWar III, it's suicide or
sanctuary, so

Should I... (chorus)

Jesus are you there? Do you really care -
Jesus are you there?
Anybody in? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus are you there?

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