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Artist:Wainwright Loudon
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Album:Album I
Track:Motel Blues
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:In this town television shuts off at two
What can a lonely rock & roller do
Oh the bed's
so big and the sheets are clean
and your girlfriend said that you were 18
The styrofoam
icebucket is full of ice
Come up to my motelroom treat me nice

I don't wanna make no
late night New York calls
and I don't wanna stare at them ugly grassmatt
chronologically I know you're young
but when you kissed me in the club you bit my
I'll write a song for you, I'll put it on my next L.P
Come up to my motelroom,
sleep with me !

There's a Bible in the drawer don't be afraid
I'll put up the sign
to warn the cleanup maid
Yeah there's lots of soap end ther's lots of towels
never mind
them deskclerk's scowls
I buy you breakfast, they'll think you're my wife
Oh come up to my
motelroom, save my life
Come up to my motelroom, save my life
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