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Artist:Wainwright Loudon
Taken from the album Attempted Mustache by Wainwright Loudon
Album:Attempted Mustache
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Shut up and go to bed
Put the pillow under your head
I'm sick and tired of all your
Shut up and say goodnight
Say your prayers and turn off the light
I'm sick
and tired of all your sob-stories

Shut up and shut your eyes
No more histrionics no
more college tries
Stop pushing stop shoving stop straining
Shut your mouth and button
your lip
You're a late night faucet that's got a drip
All you're doing is merely

The excuse that you're crazy is useless
You're not biting you're barking
you're toothless
But you're ruthless (you're Rufus)

Shut up and count some

And do me a favour don't bitch in your sleep
No more agony please no more
Shut up and catch some Z's
Ice cream with a cherry plus big pretty please
promise we'll resume tomorrow...Goodnight
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