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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:night-time i stage my street show
love for the money that's my cash flow
no I don't get
scared when I walk alone
I have been on this beat enough to know
that when shit happens it
is just your turn
so you deal with it and it happens everyday
I don't know quite where I
so when they come I freely give myself away

walkabout - a very different
walkabout - a very different place and time

I stand underneath street lights
dreaming of the moon
it is rising in a desert a life I never know
taken away and now I'm
walking by myself

when you grow up in institutions
you make your friends but love you
never know
so when I found my blood ran from the desert
I knew it was somewhere I had to
I went to the people there
I lost and found myself on either side
something deep down
just don't feel right
so I walk about this country
and I walk about these streets to find
where my heart lies.
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