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Track:A Beif History...
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We were both 18 the year that we met
I was slighty older but not by much
One look at you
and I knew that was it
And your voice sounded like an angel above

One look at me you
thought I was odd
Wearing those clothes in the Kimberley heat
Blundstone boots, cowboy
hat, flannelette
And denim overcoat all the way down to my feet

When your sister
asked me to join up with you
You nearly fainted with shock but you hid it well
what the
hell are you doing?
you shouted when I left
I was singing all the way back to my

Headed off from Broom
Travelled through the Kimberley
Derby, Fitzroy, a
night in Halls Creek
Wyndham, Kunnunrra, Darwin we stayed for a while
Then we hit the
coast near Townsville on the other side
Christmas in Cairns didnt have nowhere to go

Busking on the streets just to get a feed
Being kept up all night by the lovers on the top
At a seedy backpackers called Rapture of the Deep

Now plenty has happened since
those early days
Met a lot of people, been a lot of places
Many a night in friends and
relatives beds
And God bless the lot of you that put us up and fed us
Played to crowds of
thousands, played to one or two
Played in festivals and pubs, loved and hated what we do

but looking back now I wouldnt trade but
one of the memories weve made in the last eight
and though there were times we didnt get along
I can honesty say I love the both of

Now you're living in Sydney in some dingy room
In a house full of strangers on
Ramsgate avenue
Paying twice as much as what the damn things worth
Working in the daytime
just to make it though
You got your arms to your elbows in the sink at some
Place cleaning
pots and pans, cups and saucers,
Knives and forks and plates
Its a far cry, from the life
that we knew
Travelling around the country in a campervan
Playing songs, singing with your
sister and you
Its too late to go back there again
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