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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:greet you with open arms all you do is lie to me
your transparent words got me thinkin what i
want to be
it's all figured out now you can't have my sympathy
get it all away from

when i look i see right through you
hesitate cause i don't respect you
fuck you
you'll never see into me
you can count on me to be the enemy

the breath of my soul
breathes out of control
i grasp for the truth so i gotta let go
listen to your words but it
doesn't make any sense
heard what you said so i still keep my defense
i will never have
respect for you
i will never do the things you do
i will never be the same as you
it all away from me

my mind keeps on haunting me
go away your living on
isolate yourself from reality
you can count on me to be the enemy

i'm not
feeling like i should feel
there's something fucking wrong with me

coming to find you
to take you alone
coming to see if you handle your own
you would not help when i took your
you will not leave here with me far behind

time ends where you begin
within wear you thin

fear in my eyes i never knew why
you never know when i could
see me now that could be it
it won't always be the same old shit
what if i go and
what if i stay
you gotta take life and live it everyday
things may come and things may
you never can tell you never will know
why are you here why am i here
what's the
point it seems so clear
you gotta hold on you gotta let go
open up your mind and let it all
see me now then i disappear
what's gone wrong i have no fear
follow me out or
follow me in
make your choice now take your sin

can you see what you do to m
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