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Artist:Vasher Phil
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Album:Phil Vassar
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Verse 1:
I was lousy at math, a failed historian
Carlene was the Valedictorian
I was
quarterback in the back of the class
She was the whiz kid in the horned-rim glasses
been a long time since I'd been around
Since I'd set foot on my old stomping ground
ended up by the old school yard
And this redhead pulls up in a blue sports car and
"I'll bet you don't remember, I guess it's been forever"
It took a second to put it
all together, I said

Oh la la la la la lookin' good Carlene
Oh my my my
my my time's been good to you
If you know what I mean, girl you glitter like
Good gosh Carlene, you sure are lookin' good

Verse 2:
She said "Hop
in, let's go for a spin
Tell me what you been doing boy and where you been"
I said "I
write songs, you probably didn't know
and I finally got a couple out on Country radio"
said,"What a switch,ain't life funny
I've got a Ph.D now I'm modeling for money
little miss 4.0 just
Smiling for the camera on the cover of Vogue"
I said,"You've come a
long way since graduation
Let me say without reservation
You've surpassed everyone's


I said, "I hope to see you again someday"
said,"Another ten years is too long to wait
Pick me up at my Mama's at eight," I

Oh la la la la la lookin' good Carlene
Oh my my my my my time's been good to
you x3
If you know what I mean
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