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Artist:Vanessa Williams
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Vanessa Williams
Track:What Did I Ever See In Him
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:From Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack

What did I ever see in him?
How could i ever get
involved that way?
Now that it's over I can smile and say,
What did I ever see in

Boy, I was way out on a limb.
Now that my feet are on the ground
Now that my senses have been found again,
What did I ever see in him?

he tender?
No he's not.
Is he thoughtful?
No he's not.
Am I crazy?
he got
that i find so damn appealing?

What did he ever do for me?
Well to be
honest he was sometimes nice.
But still it wasn't worth the awful price.
It was
from the start
broken dates broken nails, broken heart.
How did I ever, why did
I ever, what did I ever?

Kim: (spoken) oh Miss Alvarez don't be so upset. I mean, all
men can't be like that.
VW (spoken): Every single one of them.......(more
Do we need them?
No we don't.
Do we want them?
No we
Will we leave them?

VW: No we won't. Tell me what did I say that

What did we ever see in them?
How could we ever think that they
were nice?
Take it from us we paid an awful price.
It was rough,
from the
Broken dates, broken nails, broken heart.
What did we ever see in
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