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Artist:Vanessa Williams
Taken from the album The Sweetest Days by Vanessa Williams
Album:The Sweetest Days
Track:The Way That You Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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It's just the way that you love me
(You know you drive me crazy)
just the way that you love
(You know you drive me crazy)
I've been waiting for this
moment secretly,
Counting every minute, every hour till you're with me
'Cause I know
just what's in store
And now I'm in your arms, baby close the door

Why waste
another minute, ooh let's get right to it
Baby turn the lights down, and we don't have to say
a word
Unspoken pleasure there's no way to measure
How you make me feel when you're near
me and whisper softly...
so don't stop...


And it seems
time flies whenever I'm in your arms
I like to savor every second, you thrill me with your
Now I'm lost in the passion (moment, feelings, magic) we share
and when I look
into your eyes, I know how much you care

Don't wanna rush the feeling, cause loving
you's so real and
I like the way you set the mood with a little wine and candlelight

It's more than emotion, let's keep this fire going
Now we're lost inside our love (now
we're drifting into love),
sweet surrender is so tender


you know me oh so well
You always take your time, and you always get it right
(you know
just what I like)
Ooh, you set my soul on fire, and I know you've got my rhythm
then you take me higher


Don't you stop, stop the love, you know
you've got the rhythm
Don't you stop, stop the love, you know you've got the rhythm

Written by J.Diibs & Abenaa
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