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Artist:Vanessa Williams
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Vanessa Williams
Track:Spanish Rose
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:From Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack

I'm just a Spanish tamale she likes to say.
off a boat from the tropics far far away.
which is kinda funny, cos I come from romantic exotic
Pittsburg P.A.

oh, she think's I'm Spanish? I'll show her Spanish if I ever
that mouse.

(singing again)
I'll cook the taco and the enchilada.

And day and night my castanets will click.
The only song i'll sing will be
I'll be so Spanish it will make her sick.
She'll visit in our cozy ascienda.

My red hot chile it will make her cry.
The daquiris will pour out of my blender.

And then we dance flamenco ay ay ay.

Watch out for the wild Spanish Rose.
wickedest flower that grows.
her skirt she is split,
her hips never quit.
spitfire Spanish Rose.

Hey mrs. P be my mamacita.
A real Latina daughter I will be.

Together we will shop at the bodega,
then watch the Spanish channel on TV.

And then before long I suppose,
you'll help us pick out baby
For Juan and Enrique,
Rosa, Anita,
Jose and Carmen,

Mama you can bet your bottom peso.
Some day I make him one terrific wife.

It gives me mucho happiness to say so.
With me your sonny boy can have a life.

So boys now you've met Spanish Rose.
The wickedest flower that grows.
wild and i'm free.
I'm what I must be.
Don't worry bout me,
Spanish Rose
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