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Artist:Vanessa Williams
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Vanessa Williams
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:From Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack

I was never crazy for flowers
I confess
that nothing left me colder.
I could watch a daisy for hours
and all i'd feel was several
hours older.

Lilacs or lilies,
anything you please
all that they did was make
me shrug or sneeze.

But now i love each blossom that i see
for a lovely little rose
loves me.

Now my life is Rosie,
since i found my Rosie.
With a girl like rosie

how could i be blue?

Hand in hand we'll mosey
Me and little Rosie.
will be so cozy
by a fire built for two.

Oh i once heard a poem that goes
rose is a rose is a rose.
But i don't agree
Take it from me,
There's one rose
sweeter than any that grows

That's my Rosie.
I'm so glad you chose me.
Life is
one, sweet, beautiful song
to me.

JA: Now my life is Rosie
VW: Oh,
we'll be happy I know.
JA: Since I found my Rosie.
VW: Off to the preacher we'll
JA: With a girl like ROsie
VW: So how could we
JA: How could I be
VW: Be blue?

VW: Oh we'll have us a home out west.
A nice, little
split, level nest.
And in every room, roses in bloom
JA: but there's one Rose sweeter
than all of the rest.

JA: And that's my Rosie

I'm so glad
you chose me.
Life is one, sweet, beautiful song.
If love is right, then, what could be
Life is one, sweet, beautiful song to me
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