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Artist:Vanessa Williams
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Track:Lost Without You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Never thought that it would be this way without you
It's taking all I have just to live day to
My heart aches for you I can't believe we're through,
Oh baby, I miss you

I'm lost, lost without you baby
The days aren't the same the
nights are cold and gray
I need you in my life
If not now, then someday

As I think about the times we've shared together
The way I feel for you I
know I'll never feel again
Memories of loving you still linger in my head
Oh baby, I
miss you


There's a feeling deep inside of me
just won't let you go
And the more I try to fight it
The more it seems to show...can't
let you go


Written by Adrian Johnson Ross
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