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Artist:Vandross Luther
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Album:Your Secret Love
Track:Your Secret Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Oh, yes
A kiss in the dark
A certain time I can call you
A letter of love
But no
name did you sign
Pretending to all
That we were just friends when I saw you
I didn't
know that you wanted me to be
I didn't know that you wanted me for your
(For your) To

1-Your secret love
Why can't we tell somebody
'Cause secret loves

Never last as long
Your secret love
Will never be your true love
I can't be no
secret baby
It's breakin' my heart
(You're breaking my heart)

You should've
let me know, from the first time baby
That you were not, were not free to love
How could
you wait so long
Oh, what a waste of love, baby
I should known that you wanted me to
I should known
That you wanted me for your (for your) to be

I won't be you secret love
'Cause it's just a waste of my love
I'm tellin'
you from the start
I won't be the one who gives you love
When your other guy ain't givin'
you none

Don't come now, wait for awhile
Let's meet at the place downtown
a shame it has to be like this
But I really miss you baby
(rpt 1,
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