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Album:Heading For A Storm
Track:Welcome To The Club
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's alright when you've said goodbye, it's alright when it's all wrong
It's just fine, there's
no need to cry, now's your chance to sing your song

You've got your break now, you can do
what you want
Don't hesitate now, you're on your own now, no obligations

Welcome to the club - you're so cool when you're out of love
Welcome to the club -
you're very cool when you're out of love

It's so common, must be in the air, no one goes
steady anymore
It seems right now, everyone breaks out, it's more fun to

Alright with me, hunting season's here
There's so much prey there, my gun
is loaded and now I'm ready




Welcome to the club - you're so cool when you're out of love
(repeats 3x)

Welcome to the club!

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