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Track:Once In A Lifetime
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You needed your freedom, I thought that I needed mine
We both were too young to know, we
shouldn't let it go
We went our own ways, and time passed us by
Now when I think of those
schooldays, I realize

Once in a lifetime (once in a lifetime), one in a
million (one in a million)
Our love was that special kind that's so hard to find, but we didn't

Yesterday in and out another town, suddenly saw your face
Right out there in
the crowd
You said you were happy, you got someone who treats you right
And I recognize
that fire in your eyes, oh girl you should be mine, 'cos


Once in a
lifetime (once in a lifetime), one in a million (one in a million)

I've had my share of
love, oh I know how to play the game
But there [a feeling gained], I've never been the
No never been the same, never been the same

Once in a lifetime, one in a
I know I'm just chasing dreams and I just can't seem to get you off my

Once in a lifetime, one in a million... (repeats out)

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