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Artist:Van Der Graaf Generator
Taken from the album Aerosol Grey Machine by Van Der Graaf Generator
Album:Aerosol Grey Machine
Track:Into A Game
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I never thought it could come to this,
as you sit there crying,
hanging on with your
to something that's already dead.
Now we're into a game
and it's all a bit

Once on a time we were sincere;
now, we're acting charades,
behind cracked images
from other people's stages;
now, we're into a game,
and it's
all a bit strange,
but familiar, too...
the rules never change; I know it, but do

I've seen it all before,
and this play no longer moves me,
but the closing
of a door
is never easy
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