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Artist:Van Der Graaf Generator
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Album:Least We Can Do
Track:After The Flood
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Continuing the story, humanity stumbles--
gone is the glory, there's a far distant
The clouds have gathered and exploded now:
axes shattered, there is no North or
Far off, the ice is foundering slowly...
the ice is turning to water.
water rushes over all,
cities crash in the mighty wave;
the final man is very
plunging in for his final bathe.

This is the ending of the
this is the beginning of the end,
middle of the middle, mid-point, end and
the first peak rises, forces the waves apart.
Far off, the ice is now
poles are fixed once more,
water's receding, like death-blood.
And when
the water falls again,
all is dead and nobody lives.

And then he said:
step appears to be the unavoidable consequence of the
preceding one, and in the end there
beckons more and more
clearly total annihilation!'

This is the ending of the
this, the beginning of the end.
And when the water falls again
all is
dead and nobody lives
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