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Artist:Van Der Graaf Generator
Taken from the album World Record by Van Der Graaf Generator
Album:World Record
Track:A Place To Survive
Date Added:18/10/2007
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It's easy to say, when you're so down,
that everything's pointless;
your eyes
burn, your ears howl,
your limbs are disjointed.
Barren fields, the barren earth, never
more will it flower-
rub your face and your hands in the dirt:
now is the hour.
stand staright looking over your shoulder,
walk on though you fear to arrive,
don't wait
till you know that it's over,
be strong-it's your place to survive.

While the
holocaust rages around you,
be the eye of the storm;
though the extent of disaster
astounds you,
forearmed is forewarned.
You may have passed time in happier ways
there are other mountains to climb:
you've never lived as you're living today-
now is
the time.

Stand straight though your back breaks from trying,
walk on-even now you
must strive.
Don't wait; while you're waiting, you're dying.
Be strong-it's your place to

The universe is doubtless unfolding
just exactly as it should
these dreams of remorse are foreboding
Won't do you any good.
The joy, the passion,
possessions you own,
the bitterness and the pain,
the end of everything you've ever
all these are ordained.

Stand straight looking into the future,
on-we've each got our lives.
Don't wait for a guru or tutor,
be strong-it's your place to
Stand straight looking over your shoulder,
walk on; though it hurts, you're
Don't wait-of you wait it's all over:
be strong-it's your right to survive
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