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Artist:Value Pac
Taken from the album Value Pac by Value Pac
Album:Value Pac
Track:Happy Star
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:My heart is telling me
You're more than praiseworthy
I bow before your name everyday

because You're the only one for me yeah!
No more living in fantasy
You took away
my hypocrisy
I thank You for everything
You're the only one
once I was lost
nowhere to be found
that was then and this is now
You freed me from my chains of sin

You broke the lock that I locked within
You gave me hope and peace inside
the only one for me yeah
I'm kneeling down as I sing this song
I want to praise you all
day long
I thank you for everything
You're the only one
once Iwas blind I couldn't
You took my blindfold off of me
You're my God
I'm not
saved me
Lord and King
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