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Artist:Value Pac
Taken from the album Value Pac by Value Pac
Album:Value Pac
Track:Graduation Day
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Today is the greatest day of our young lives
I look back at what I've known for so long

today is the day we leave our past behind
today we say our last goodbyes
in the back of my mind
held close by until the day that I die
good luck my friends make
it to the end
I wish you all the best until we meet again
i can't believe it seems like
just kids and now it's time to grow up
that thought makes me feel sick now I
want to cry
seperated for the rest of our lives
I don't know why it turned out this way

we always thought things would work out OK
now I see everybody telling me what I must be

when all I want to do is go back in time with you
today is the saddest day of our young
today we go our separate ways
the sky's the limit for each one of us
good with everything you've got
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