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Artist:Value Pac
Taken from the album Value Pac by Value Pac
Album:Value Pac
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I see the people I pass by in the streets
well nothing but empty looks
I see the people
who put trust in who they meet
well nothing but empty lives
I don't want to see that

I see the faces whose eyes cry out in pain
well nothing but empy souls
why do I
see these people day after day Lord
just what are you telling me?
and than I walk by
thinking to myself
just maybe the've seen the way
then I turn my head and walk the other
the easy way out is such a cop out
I'm such a fool
don't want to hide this
hope no more
so just show me Your way
I don't know what I'm afraid of
when I got
You by my side
I know I have the cure for this lost world
why do I run and hide?

so here I'm asking You for a little help now
I'm such a pity all alone
I need Your
love so I can see through Your eyes
and try to heal those searching lives
why do I lean
on my own understanding?
why do I put trust in myself?
when You know everything
have the answer and I pretend like I don't it
what makes me so afraid?
just make me
realize there's nothing to it
ain't got no fear in perfect love
so just show me Your way
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